How To Repair And Remove Car Scratches

Scratches are one of the most typical problems when caring for and maintaining a car. A corner, a column or a funny one that decided to scratch the car can ruin your precious new model. Until today.

Here we will show you how to repair and remove scratches from the car, no matter how deep they are and whether they have been caused by a metallic paint or any other type. We will give you different solutions and a step by step guide to being able to see your car again as if it had just left the dealership. Check out Extreme Auto Body

Types of scratches

Before going on to explain how to fix scratches, it is essential that you know the three guys that exist:

Micro scratches:  damage caused by not washing and drying the car in conditions. They are very light, and it is difficult that you can even get to appreciate them from afar.

Mild scratches: those that have only reached the transparent layer or the color layer. You will merely understand them because they are the typical scratches in which you do not get to see the steel or any other color than the paint, and that is caused by the keys, branches or any other element of this type.

Severe scratches: they are the longest scratches and are identified because you can see another color or the steel of the car. They are the ones seen from afar, and it costs a world to repair from home, although it is not impossible.

Tools needed

  • Touch-up brush: to disguise the scratch and repaint the area. You must choose the right one for the color of your car, which you can see in the instruction manual or on the door cross member.
  • Lija: to sand the area and be able to remove scratches. They usually come with a pad for sandpaper. Otherwise, you must buy it.
  • Polishing: to prepare the area of scratches for polishing.
  • Polishing machine: to polish scratches.
  • Wax: to wax and shine the car.