How To Repair And Remove Any Scratches From The Car

Locate all scratches on the car and set its depth

Even if you only see a scratch, you probably have more than one and want to repair them all at once. Locate them and establish their severity by analyzing if they have reached the car’s steel or a different color than the paint.

Wash and dry the car completely

Trying to repair the scratches with the dirty vehicle will only cause you to make more scratches. Thoroughly clean the car with soap and water and, above all, focus 100% clean the areas where there are scratches.

Apply the touch-up brush

Take the retouching brush and apply it on the scratches very gently and carefully. Then, let it dry for 15 minutes.

Sand the scratches

Wrap the sandpaper around the pad and sand all the scratches located in step 1. You have to sand in the direction of the scratch and go pouring water every 4 or 5 passes to see if you have managed to get to the end of it because neither it is necessary to pass sanding because you could scratch the car. For light scratches, it is recommended to use finer sandpaper of about 1,500 grains, while for the deepest it is recommended to use sandpaper of 2,000 grains. For more tips check out Castle Rock auto repair.